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Call Script:
  • Hello, I am a constituent calling to urge the Council Member to support $600 million in the budget for Green, Healthy Schools. 

  • NYC public schools’ infrastructure is crumbling and runs on dirty fossil fuels. Many haven’t been updated in decades, which is affecting students’ health and learning environment.

  • Our city’s students, teachers, and school staff deserve to breathe clean air regardless of zip code. 

  • I urge the Council Member to invest $600 million in our public schools because it will save the city money on utilities, create green jobs, and improve student performance and attendance. 

  • It will also help New York City to meet its climate goals. We need sufficient staffing and no budget cuts to administrative services to clean up our dirty buildings. 

**The following council members already support our priorities!**

But they tally all calls so it’s still important to thank them for their support. If you are calling the below Council Members, say THANK YOU for supporting Green, Healthy Schools and funding Local Law 97 

  • Christopher Marte, District 1

  • Julie Menin, District 5

  • Shaun Abreu, District 7

  • Yusef Salaam, District 9

  • Carmen De La Rosa, District 10

  • Tiffany Caban, District 22

  • Jennifer Gutierrez, District 34

  • Chi Ossé, District 36

  • Sandy Nurse, District 37

  • Alexa Aviles, District 38

  • Shahana Hanif, District 39

  • Darlene Mealy, District 41

  • Chris Banks, District 42

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