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Past Campaigns

The Climate and Community Stimulus Platform:
A Green Jobs Recovery for a Post-Covid-19 Economy  

Today, we face an unprecedented jobs crisis due to the devastating effects of COVID-19. As New York begins to re-open the economy, the chief concern for many New Yorkers is whether  they will have jobs to go back to. With over 40 million filing for unemployment across the nation a higher rate than at any point since the Great Depression, New York City has the 4th highest job loss in the country. At the same time, the climate crisis has not abated, and while New York City has put into place bold climate goals to reach an 80% reduction in emissions by 2050, the focus has waned on this critical issue. 


With the dual jobs and climate crisis at hand, the coalition proposes that climate solutions can create immediate and direct opportunities for coming out of an economic collapse, but only if there is large-scale, coordinated citywide action rooted in equity. Climate Works for All is creating political and grassroots momentum around a green infrastructure and climate  jobs plan that addresses how our communities, especially frontline communities, can recover from an unprecedented economic crisis by building a resilient New York. The coalition has outlined their demands for a green jobs recovery on a  Climate and Community Stimulus Platform. In our recent report, An Equitable Recovery: creating 100,000 climate jobs for frontline communities of color, the coalition outlines 7 different infrastructure project areas where, if the city invests 16 billion dollars over 3 years, we can put 100,000 workers back to work in good, union, climate jobs and invest in New York’s Black and brown communities. 


Our campaign will:

  • Transform the public debate to uplift the message that NYC can come out of the economic crisis by addressing the climate crisis

  • Build political will within the city to adopt a comprehensive climate jobs plan based on our recommendations

  • Create a path from jobs plan to a concrete climate jobs pipeline that puts low-income black, brown and immigrant community members back to work in good jobs

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